Spock and Kirk
again.... here are some more star trek spoofs.. 30 sec. clips
enjoy here and here (funny..funny)
incase you have time you should check the other spoofs on youtube

and the original bloopers from the 60s here...

Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable system for untracable mass document leaking and public analysis

Movie Classics watch online

Gebrüder Grimm: Das Wörtebuch
Ein Klassiker. Das gesamte Werk befindet sich hier

Magazin für politische Kultur
und das auch noch gratis.merci .komplettes Archiv hier

need more attention!! It's not only about Iraq..

Human Rights Watch

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

Douglas Kellner
Professor Ph.D., Philosophy, Columbia University / UCLA
great articles, a must read.. here!

Les autos de Tintin
Version Hergé et photo de la voiture
correspondante ...magnifique! ...collection ici

Free TV Script Archive
of many, many popular shows...
Heroes Episodes 1 & 2 enjoy reading - McDreamy Fans, here are Grey's Anatomy Scipts
complete Tv Script List, go here

Der Sternehimmel ..super


A must get!! - free software, easy install. looking at stars

Witness Protection
how it really works


The International Atomic Energy Agency
Fifty Years of Atoms for Peace

from a hobby filmer

The World
here in numbers.. great


More covers.. vintage style ..very cool

Norman Rockwell

and the Saturday Evening Post..

fantastic illustrator from the 1920-1960s click here

Paper Airplane..
Always wanted to know how to do that..go here

1959 Cadillac

four-window Sedan DeVille and Series 62 Sedan

more very very cool pics here

Politik Aktuell

auch Chomsky veröffentlicht hier.. deutsche Artikel

englisch Version

ebenfalls ausgezeichnet... hier

Tyndall Report

covers daily US News content

Welche Themen covern die US-Nachrichten?

Theodor W. Adorno
Doku aus den 80s, Herr Kluge ist auch dabei und man versteht ihn! :-)
Hier gehts zur Doku

amazing beautiful treehouses..

Bill O'Reilly Fans

Remember the threat to boycott canadian products? Check out this (read text on pic)! Brant is from Canada..
LOL. Mr. O ..Hello? ??

Philosophie Lexikon
guter Überblick hier

Statistics - Pew Research Center
Numbers, Facts and Trends Shaping Your World

TWA old ads here
scroll down and find other airlines here

Andrian Kreye (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
- english & german Texts

Simpsons Intro
withreal people..
really really funny and cool

Currency Calculator - Währungs Rechner
always updated € and $

What does your phone number spell?
english words only..here

Lieblingslied....Looking for your favorite song?
Great search engine to look up favorite songs
and here


Ähnelt Wikipedia: Lostpedia deutsche Version
Similar to Wiki: Lostpedia english

Jack Bauer

spoof - Jack Bauer saving the day with 1994 technology

Die Fanbase für alle. Super Genial :-) und sehr hilfreich

Pierre Bourdieu
Text Archive is here
Wiki Bio is here

Think Tanks & Neocons

Man sollte sich die Zeit nehmen und sich auf der Webseite des Project for the New American Century umschauen. Darunter besonders auffalend die Unterzeichner der Briefe
(siehe letters /statements) ... Hier gehts zum PNAC

von der Uni Kassel, sehr nützlicher Link hier

Unknown News
are here

The after Mac
change color on your Apple .. iMac, iPhone..you choose..

Merry Xmas..
check out his home: Santas Crib

Being a good christ

This page is dedicated to exposing the REAL Number One Public Health Problem in America today: Masturbation. here
actually this is real..

Politische Bildung
sehr lesenswert

amazing Felix Baumgartner.
check the videos.. BASE Jumps from Petronas Towers & in Rio de Janeiro

B.A.S.E.= Building (Gebäude), Antenna (Antenne), Span (Brücke) und Earth (Klippen)

International Press: Front Pages . Titelseiten
399 front pages from 33 countries here

Aerial Photography / Luftbildaufnahmen
Der Meister von Luftbildaufnahmen, der Schweizer Fotograf Georg Gerster

Ancient Egypt ..
here we are claiming to be the most intelligent... but not even smart enough to know all about the pyramids ;-)

How to play Poker
Learn it here

Watch PBS documentaries online
covers many topics. you can download the clips as well click here on website

Gustave Le Bon Psychologie des foules
The first publication on mass media from 1895
check site for further classics!

The New York Times' Paul Krugman
Article Archive right here
Wiki Bio here

I’m an American tired of American lies
Woody Harrelson admitting, 17.10.2002, The Guardian

Campaign Finance
Parteispenden USA: Open Secrets
Thank You, Freedom of Information Act :-)

See the money links

Robert Fisk - Another Great Journalist
The Robert Fisk Archive
Wiki Bio Robert Fisk

Media Watch Dogs (USA)

World biggest tire

Mr. Spock's Crib ...... a must see..

Please VIEW
Stupid or not ???
You have to see this!!! YouTube favorite :-)
Geniale Umfrage über die Intelligenz von US-Bürgern... herrlich.. please view

Where is my favourite dead politician?

Where are they buried? look here

Gutenberg Projekt- Free Literature

deutsche Texte


Tintin en Irak

Tim und Struppi
im Irak .Parodie franz. Alle sind wieder vereint.. .-)

Simply the Best .. Noam CHOMSKY
click here for publications, audio & video.

Historische Dokumente

historische Dokumenten- und Quellensammlung zur deutschen Geschichte ab 1800.. hier !

Saturday Night Live Archive
For all the true fans out there... check here

Always a classic :-) a must read

The New York Times
The Nation
Christian Science Monitor